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There are several reasons why buying Marco Island real estate now could be advantageous. First, Marco Island is a popular destination known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor recreational activities. Investing in real estate there could provide you with a vacation home or rental property to enjoy or generate income from tourists.
Second, real estate market conditions can fluctuate, and buying during a favorable market can lead to potential appreciation in property value over time. By purchasing now, you may benefit from potential future price increases.
Lastly,  interest rates can make financing more affordable, allowing you to secure a mortgage with lower monthly payments. This can make buying real estate on Marco Island more accessible and financially attractive.
However, it’s important to conduct thorough research, consider your personal circumstances, and consult with a real estate professional before making any investment decisions.  



Marco Island Florida Real Estate is a vibrant and thriving real estate market that offers a wide variety of properties, ranging from luxurious beachfront mansions to cozy cottages. The area offers a unique combination of world-class amenities and natural beauty, from pristine white sand beaches to lush tropical landscapes. Marco Island is home to a variety of activities, such as golf, sailing, fishing, and more. With its ideal location near Naples and the Everglades, Marco Island real estate is a great opportunity for those looking to invest in the area. Whether you are looking to buy your dream home, invest in rental properties, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery, Marco Island Florida real estate is an excellent choice.  CALL THE WALTER TEAM TODAY ! 



Marco Island is an enchanting tropical paradise located near the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. From its dazzling white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters to its lush mangroves and wildlife, Marco Island is a paradise for beach lovers, nature enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers alike. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventure-filled excursion, Marco Island has something to offer everyone. With its many attractions, activities, restaurants, shops, and accommodations, Marco Island is the perfect place to relax and explore the true beauty of Southwest Florida.   Call the Walter Team today to explore the all Real Estate option’s,  so you can call Marco Island Home. PH# 239-821-0994


Marco Island Real Estate is very exciting at this time, offering many possibilities, and opportunities.  At Island Realty our goal and only mission is to help you find your piece of paradise on this amazing Island. 
Are you ready to call Marco Island home?
Marco Island always has been and always will be a very desirable place to live with our welcoming small-town atmosphere, beautiful white sand beaches, over 90 restaurants, great shopping, world-renowned fishing, water sports and shelling!
In the last two years, the Florida housing market has grown and we have become the third most populous state in the country, and the most populated state in the southeast, despite the devastating effect of hurricanes. Our strong economy, no state income tax and pro-business atmosphere all drive the growth. While the most significant effects of a hurricane on Florida’s housing market are short term, there is still a rebuilding period. Marco Island’s history will show that we have only endured one direct hit, Hurricane Irma in 2017. Hurricane Donna devastated Naples in 1960, Hurricane Wilma hit Everglades City in 2005, and Hurricane Charley hit the exact same place as Ian just did in 2004. So maybe the Calusa Indians who inhabited our Island some 5,000 years ago were right in believing that our Island was sacred, because terrible storms that affected other Florida regions seemed to spare Marco Island from the worst damage! The book “Last Paradise” by Douglas Waitley, is a great read about the building of Marco Island and our history.
In the past two years our housing market has sizzled due to the COVID pandemic. People were able to live here full-time while working remotely, and as our supply diminished, prices increased. The second quarter of this year we saw more inventory coming on the market and an increase in interest rates, thus slowing the market a bit. The summer of 2022 was finally a “normal” off season summer that we were used to before the pandemic.
Comparing September 2021 to 2022, the inventory has definitely increased, thus bringing a balance to the market. The big news is the price and availability of single-family homes. In 2021 there were 97 homes on the market in Marco Island with a median price of $1,305,000, in 2022 there were 116 homes on the market, with a median price of $1,810,000; an increase of 39%! In 2021, there were 92 condos on the market with a median price of $550,500, this September there are 129 multi-family homes on the market with a median price of $595,000; an increase of 8%. There were 62 lots on the market last September with a median price of $770,000, this year there are 77 lots on the market with a median price of $385,000. We are looking forward to an incredible season this year, and are very blessed to be living on such a beautiful Island! Our real estate market has always done extremely well, no matter what nature throws at us! MARCO STRONG!
Here’s a little background about Marco…
Marco Island is the largest and only developed island in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, and its pristine waters, beautiful coastlines and spectacular community feel attracts people from all over the world!
Packed with great amenities and things to do, this four mile by six mile Island, developed in the 1960s, has something for everyone. With the beautiful white sand beaches, great water sports, and over 90 restaurants and bars, it was rated the #1 Island in the United States and #4 in the world by Trip Advisor in 2014! People come from all over to enjoy fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands and take advantage of our proximity to the unique environment of the Florida Everglades.
Shopping abounds on Marco with mostly quaint mom and pop stores with plenty of retail options! Marco Island is a very safe and community oriented island. We have our own Police Department and Sheriff’s Department with our crime rate virtually zero. Our schools, including elementary, middle and high school, are all “A” rated with lots of parent participation.
Most people who have visited Marco Island, you never want to leave, and the good news is that you don’t have to! There are many different types of properties for sale, and it’s just a matter of finding the one that matches your style, personality, and budget. To find that property, you must get a little more specific in your lifestyle and your wants and needs. “How many square feet do I want?” “What are my ‘must haves?’” “Do I want a home or condo?” “Do I want a water direct (no bridges) home or condo, so I can have a large vessel or sailboat?” What’s your style? Contemporary or traditional? Prefer to live on a golf course or beach? As long as you know what you want, we can zero in on it.
Let’s take a look at the different areas…
Marco Island is split up into many different areas with a variety of spectacular homes. From cozy condos with unbelievable views of the Gulf of Mexico, Ten Thousand Islands and more, to sprawling estate homes that you have to see to believe. Luxury waterfront homes and luxury waterfront condos are all around; more than 80 percent of the island is actually on water.
Hideaway Beach – is a gated community located on the northern most tip of the island. This is a private community and the only place where you can have a house right on the beach. They have condos on the golf course, condos on the water, homes on the beach, homes on the golf course and inland homes. There are currently inland homes ranging from $1.885M to $4.9M and various lots ranging from $650K to $1.4M. Beachfront condos range from $1.985M to $3.99M.
Cape Marco – is located in the southwestern tip of Marco Island, and has six separate high-rise towers featuring gorgeous, well-appointed condos ranging in size from 1,300 SF
to penthouses that measure over 13,000 SF. Cape Marco is comprised of The Merida, Tampico, Monterrey, Cozumel, Belize and Vera Cruz. Each building has its own amenities. Most have their own fitness rooms, theaters, and gathering rooms and some also have boardrooms and guest suites available. Condos in the Belize building are currently available ranging from $7.495M to $9.9M depending on view and size.
The Estates Area – is located in the south end of the island, comprised of very large “estate homes”, with large oversized lots, on water direct and close to the Ten Thousand Islands. Some inland homes as well. A lot of “Mega Homes” are located here, due to the size of the lots and beautiful views. A very private and peaceful area. Inland homes range from $1.249M to $4.2M. Water direct homes range from $2.79M to $16M, and water direct lots range from $2.499M to $12.25M, with inland lots ranging from $625K to $2.2M and inland homes ranging from $1.249M to $4.2M.
Old Marco – is at the northeast corner of the Island and was one of the first developed areas on Marco, as a quaint old fishing village. It now features spectacular condominium complexes and water direct homes. These homes and condos vary in price depending upon location and size. There is one water direct home available for $2.2M, water direct condos for sale range from $359K to $775K and inland condos range from $525K to $1.7M.
The River Area – is located in the northeast and this beautiful area is generally serene and peaceful. Because it is just a short distance to Naples by boat, it’s the perfect place to be if you are ready to set sail! Water direct homes in the area range from $1.349M to $6.5M and water direct lots range from $1,399,999 to $3.75M. Water direct condos range from $369,900 to $524,900 and there are currently no water indirect condos available.
The South End – is one of the most desirable spots as it is within walking distance to shops and restaurants. Condos and homes are either inland or water direct. Water direct condos (most with boat slips) range from $639K to $2.299M and water direct homes range from $2,299,999 to $4.495M. The one water indirect home available is listed at $2M. Gulf front condos range from $1.05M to $1.8M and there is one inland condo listed at $774,500. Water direct lots are listed from $1.575M to $3M and there is one inland lot available for $548K.
The Tigertail Area – near the northern end of Marco Island, Tigertail Beach is a 31-acre stretch of land so people love to live close by. The beach offers water sports and has a lot of natural resources. The homes in this area are within walking/biking distance to the beach. It is comprised of inland homes (available for $799K to $1.099M) water direct homes (ranging from $1.9M to $5.175M) and water indirect homes (one available for $2.925M). There is one gulf front home available for $5.95M and one inland lot available for $548K. There are water direct lots for between $1.575M to $3M.
Condos – There are many types of condos available: Beachfront ranging from $549K to $9.9M, Gulf front ranging from $799,900 to $2.859M, inland ranging from $230K to $1.7M, water direct from $359K to $2.299M and water indirect from $350K to $719,995.
As you can see, there are many different condos and homes to choose from on Marco, and we hope this helps clarify some of the area/types of condos and homes available on our gorgeous island.
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The December 2022 area real estate stats are in. Even though the total number of properties sold is down significantly, prices have stabilized, but are holding strong. The total inventory is up although it’s still historically very low compared to other years. Prices are still in a seller’s favor, but buyers are finding a few more choices than earlier this year which leads to  less competition and more negotiation.  As the year came to an end, you can see that 2022 was lower than the previous two years.  There are buyers out there, so it is a good time to call THE WALTER TEAM about your homes value, and the possibilty to sell. PH# 239-821-0994



The October Market Stats are in, comparing this October to last October. The number of sales is down quite a bit, in part due to hurricane Ian landing at the end of September. Prices are holding strong though and we had an impressive 70% of our sales done in CASH. That is something that has always helped insulate our market from rising interest rates.  Call the Walter Team today for all your real estate needs. PH# 239-821-0994



Marco Island real estate sales are number one topic here on the island.  With the first quarter of 2022 ending here are the stats for March. Our own Marco Island market is still very low on inventory. We have sold 53 homes in the month of March this year with a median sale price of $1.87M with average days on market 49.
We have sold 62 condos in March this year with a median sale price of $772K and average days on market 49.
March lots closed were 22 with median sale price of $793K and average days on market 127.
Total closed properties this month was 137 which is down 43% from March 2021. The median sell price was up 51% across the property types and average days on market was down 52%.


With the first quarter of 2022 ending, here are the stats for March. Our own Marco Island market is still very low on inventory. We have sold 53 homes in the month of March this year with a median sale price of $1.87M with average days on market 49.

We have sold 62 condos in March this year with a median sale price of $772K and average days on market 49.

March lots closed were 22 with median sale price of $793K and average days on market 127.

Total closed properties this month was 137 which is down 43% from March 2021. The median sell price was up 51% across the property types and average days on market was down 52%.


Here is the latest Marco Island Sales Report:

Marco Island  Sales

3 Year Comparison

October 2021


The latest real estate stats are in for the Marco Island area.

New Construction Boom on Marco Island    The past 3 years, Marco Island has seen an incredible amount of new construction for single family homes. Between January 1, 2019 and November 10, 2021, the City of Marco Island issued 455 permits. The permits issued have a total valuation in excess of $390M! In 2019, the city processed 108 permits with a total valuation of $84,835,180. In 2020, the city has issued 126 new construction permits with a valuation of just under $108M. This year has seen the largest increase of the past 3 years. Through Nov 10, 2021, the city issued a whopping 221 permits. The valuation for the year to date is $198M.

The trend of low inventory is still here. Days on market for properties continues to decrease significantly. Median sale prices are up in each category.

Total inventory in October of 2021 was down 65% from October 2020. Total active properties were 230 as compared to 661 last year. The total number of closed sales was down 48% from 162 to 85. Total dollar volume was $84M, down 33% from this time last year.

35 homes closed this October – down 35% from 54 homes sold last year. The median sale price was up by 20% at $1.1M. Average days on market for homes was down 63% from 112 to 42.

41 condos sold this month, down 47% from last year. The median sale price was up 18%. Average days on market for a condo went from 120 to 40 for a whopping 67% decrease.

9 lots closed down 70% from last year’s 30. The total sold dollar volume for lots was down 29% from last year. The median sale price for a lot this month was up 108% from last year’s $432.5K. Average days on market for lots was down 48%.

Data courtesy of Marco Island Area Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the period October 2020 and October 2021. For the purpose of this report, the following property types are measured: single family homes (RE1), condos (RE2), and lots. Decimals rounded to the nearest whole number.




Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on what you’re grateful for. This year, as We at Island Realty pause to count our blessings, We want to thank you for putting your trust in us. We am deeply appreciative and would like to extend our sincerest gratitude. 

I want to wish you a wonderful day celebrating the bounty of the fall harvest and enjoying traditions with your loved ones. May all of the good things in life be yours in abundance, not only at Thanksgiving, but throughout the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Discover Verona Walk in Southwest Florida the community that has it all.  The Walter Team are Verona Walk Specialists and can find you the perfect home. Verona Walk is ideally located in the growing area of southeast Naples. Conveniently situated on Collier Boulevard, the community is a short drive from the shops and restaurants of downtown Naples and only minutes from Marco Island. Some of the finest beaches in Southwest Florida are only 15 to 20 minutes away, giving you access to water-related activities, gorgeous sunsets, or a place to simply recharge your batteries. Just outside the main gate, residents have access to many big box, home improvement, dining, retail, convenience, banking, and automotive service outlets. And for those who travel, we are only 35 min from the Southwest Florida Airport, and 15 minutes from Naples Municipal Airport. Simply put, Verona Walk offers the utmost in convenience and accessibility, enabling you to truly embrace and enjoy the Naples lifestyle.  The Verona Walk  community features many of the most desirable and popular amenities, including a town center, The Verona Cafe and Bar, post office, gas station, car wash, and hair salon. Verona Walk also features a resort style swimming pool, lap pool, a complete fitness center, lighted tennis courts and bocce ball courts. Throughout the grounds you’ll also find numerous walking and bike paths, and preserve areas. Residents of Verona Walk live in perfect harmony with the natural beauty that you’ll find within the community.  CALL THE WALTER TEAM TODAY TO VIEW THE AWESOME PROPERTIES OF VERONA WALK ! PH# 239-821-0994