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1.  Open-Concept Layout

2. Modern Farmhouse

Despite the continued popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their TV show Fixer Upper, the updated twists on traditional farmhouses are likely on their way out, according to at least three agents interviewed for this story.

3. White-on-White Kitchens

Years and years of Bright White Instagram home photos are starting to fade. “An all white kitchen surely looks neat and clean, but we’ve seen too much of it,” says David Cusick, chief strategy officer at House Method. “Buyers are looking for something refreshing. Instead of pure white, you can paint the kitchen island or cabinets with a shade of gray or other colors that will give an accent.”

4. Glass Block Bathroom Walls

Glass block bathroom walls have long been a way brighten dark bathrooms and add natural light without giving up privacy. But, Cusick says, it turns out many buyers don’t like them. His suggestion? “Use sky light lighting instead, and choose LED lights for energy savings.”

5. Classic Tile Patterns

Typical tile patterns, sizes and designs are fading fast.  Consider choosing a not-so-common size and do not be afraid of selecting a tile with some color or definite pattern.

6. Granite

The upsides to quartz? Besides the fresh aesthetic, it’s harder and more durable than granite, doesn’t need re-sealing and the selections are more uniform.

7. Taking Out the Tub

It’s important to buyers to have a tub somewhere in the house, so don’t eliminate all your bathtubs. It can be a deal–breaker for buyers if they need to add one back in.

8. Gray

Gray interiors no longer stand out against the crowd.

9. Silver Fixture Finishes

Stick with black or chrome for an eye-catching look.

10. Hardwood Floors

If you’ve replaced your floors recently and installed hardwood, don’t panic. Buyers are not necessarily moving back toward loving wall-to-wall carpet. But buyers are not hardcore about having the real thing. Luxury vinyl and laminate flooring options made to look like real hardwood can easily do the trick if hardwood flooring is out of your budget.